• Who are the Keeper?

    They are those who want to contribute to the maintenance of a Good through a Grant.

    Keepers can be individuals, companies and organisations, public and private.

    A Keeper can also be an unorganised community that identifies, for social and cultural reasons, with a specific good and wants to contribute to its maintenance.

  • Who are the Curators?

    The curators are the ones who own or manage the Good: they can be public or private in nature.

    The Curators

    • propose:
      • the Good that needs the maintenance intervention;
      • the Benefits related to the intervention;
    • they organise and manage the maintenance intervention.

    Together with Kocai, the Curators structure the process of raising the funds needed for the intervention, namely the Campaign

    Do you need funds to enhance your asset?

    Do you want to involve all potentially interested targets in the recovery process?

    Kocai, through the issuance of NFTs helps you do this: here you can find the explanation of the whole process.

  • What are the NFT?

    NFTs are digital tokens (tokens) stored on an immutable and unchangeable electronic ledger called a blockchain.

    An NFT contains digital information.

  • What are the Tiles?

    If there is no digital version of the asset to be serviced, Kocai digitises it in 2D/3D.

    Then the digital version is divided into tiles like a mosaic: each one is a Tile.

    In this way, the Keeper, the donor, can choose his or her own specific piece of work with which to contribute to the recovery of the entire asset.

  • What are the Goods?

    The Goods are the assets to be subject to conservation, restoration, or any other necessary ordinary or extraordinary maintenance.

    The Goods can be movable or immovable cultural assets, or any other assets of social value.

  • What are the Grants?

    The Grants are the cash contributions of donors, the Keepers.

  • What are the Benefits?

    The Keeper, along with his/her specific Tile, in exchange for the Grant receives rights to the Tile itself and to the work as a whole.

    The Benefits, decided by the Curator, are the rights that the Keeper can enjoy.

  • What is a Campaign?

    It is the process, managed by Kocai, aimed at maintaining and enhancing the Good of the Curator.

    The Campaign is structured into:

    • Curator's proposal;
      • Of the Good to be supported;
      • of the Benefits to be attributed to the Keeper;
    • Keeper contribution;
    • attribution to the Keeper of the NFT;
    • Good maintenance and enhancement activities;
    • management and control of Kocai.
  • What is Moeca?

    Moeca is the cryptocurrency used by the Keeper, within the Kocai platform, to purchase NFTs.


    • is issued by Kocai exclusively for the purpose of contribution;
    • is exclusively functional for Campaigns, so it has no speculative value;
    • it has always a par value with the U.S. dollar (1 Moeca (MCA) = 1 USD), so it is not subject to the fluctuations of the cryptocurrency market.

    When the Keeper buys Moeca, to contribute through NFT subscription to Campaigns, he/she receives in his/her wallet the exact countervalue in Moeca of the dollar amount used.

    If the Keeper buys with other currency, e.g. euros, the amount will be converted into dollars based on the market exchange rate at the time of purchase.

  • How does Kocai work for Keeper?

    Choose the Good to support through the Grant: each Good is divided into Tiles.

    Choose your Tile: in exchange for the Grant you receive your digital card and the Benefits that the Curator has decided to make available on it.

    You pay for your contribution, the Grant, in cryptocurrency.

    You are issued your NFT containing, in digital format, your Tile, the Benefits and all the information about the Good and the donation.

    The whole process is governed by the smart contract, the self-executing contract, provided for the issuance of the NFT.

  • When I unsubscribe from Kocai is my data also deleted?

    If you are reading this FAQ, it means that you care about your privacy: Kocai shares this sensitivity.

    The cancellation of your account constitutes the termination of the contract between the Keeper or Curator and Kocai, consequently one of the legal bases with which we process your data is gone.

    In addition, if you have subscribed to other services provided by Kocai (e.g. newsletters, updates on new initiatives, etc.) to stop receiving them you will have to specifically unsubscribe.

    Learn more about how to protect your privacy here are all your rights.

  • Do I have to be an expert in cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin...) in order to donate?


    To facilitate the entire process, Kocai has provided a simple and secure interface to:

    • make payments;
    • store NFTs in the Keeper's wallets;
    • use and share the digitisation of Tiles, works and rights, the Benefits embedded in NFTs.