About us

  • Values


    Offering support through innovative social and cultural technologies.


    To provide rights holders of assets and works with new solutions to maintain, and increase, the social and historical value of cultural heritage assets.

    To involve the individual contributor, through innovation, in the subsidisation process: this is through the personalisation of the rights attributed to him/her on the asset he/she has helped to subsidise.


    To provide assets and works with the opportunity to express their value in the new intangible contexts permitted by technology, supporting and complementarily reinforcing the value and prestige represented by physicality.

  • Team

    Kocai is composed of a group of heterogeneous people by necessity.

    We have created a group of different and transversal skills, that are necessary to bring to fruition an idea that is not on the market: everyone's passion for what they can achieve, in shared projects and in having to learn something every day is what unites us.

    The working group consists of:

    Alessandro Rossi, the creator, is the COO and is in charge of the operational organisation of the project.

    Luca Corsato, the co-founder, is the CGO and takes care of the coordination of the project components.

    Mauro Bisolo is the CTO and is in charge of the technological development of the project.

    Frank Bonan is the CIO: he is in charge of the development of the representation of objects in digital form and in virtual worlds.

    Alessandro Rinaldi is the CLO: he deals with the traditional and related legal aspects of project innovation.

  • Support Team

    The group of internal opinion-makers supporting management consists of:

    Enrico Fiore supports the project in the characteristics that identify it in the form of an evolving start-up.

    Truyoins, Israeli venture capitalist specialising in seed projects.

    Lawdebug, legal group specialising in legaltech.

    PFM is an expert in complex systems applied to governance, working at CNR.

    GA is an expert in international comparative law, works at CNR.

    FF is an expert in economic intelligence, works at Tor Vergata University.

  • Kocai

    Kocai is based in the UK out of mere legal necessity but, in fact, is an organisation in the cloud, completely virtual: apart from the indispensable components involving physicality we are in the network anywhere, anytime.

  • Contact

    Kocai Ltd - 128 City Road - London - EC1V 2NX - UK