How does it work?

  • The vocabulary of Kocai.

    Keeper: is the one who donates, contributes.

    Curator: the owner, manager, curator of the good.

    Good: good that the Curator ** makes available for restoration.

    Benefit: ancillary rights that the Curator makes available on the Good to the Keeper in exchange for the contribution

    Grant: the donation, as a deed and as representing the economic value of the deed.

    Campaign: maintenance campaign (ordinary, extraordinary, restoration, maintenance, enhancement) activated by the Curator on the Good.

    Tile: digital tile, part of the digitisation of the Good, received by the Keeper in exchange for the Grant.

    Algorithm: is a set of rules that precisely define a sequence of operations.

    If the rules are defined by a programming language, the sequence of operations (code) can be executed (processed) automatically by a computer (Wikipedia).

    Blockchain: a technological process that enables the exchange of digital information between two parties in a secure, certain and historically unchangeable manner.

    Cryptocurrency: digital currency that enables the exchange of information to be valued through the blockchain.

    NFT: digital token (token) that contains information.

    In Campaigns:

    • it is issued by the Curator;
    • it is purchased by the Keeper;
    • it is paid for in cryptocurrency;
    • the exchange of the NFT between Curator and Keeper is handled by a blockchain;
    • contains:
      • the Tile;
      • the rights granted by the Curator to the Keeper on the Good that is the object of the Campaign.

    Smart Contract: automated contract.

    It is an algorithm executed by a computer when pre-determined conditions occur. The monitoring of compliance with the conditions and the execution operations (consequent to the successful fulfilment, or non-fulfilment of conditions) are part of the algorithm itself.

    Smart contracts are used to automatically define, settle and execute agreements (negotiations, contracts) between two parties: they are integrated (their coding is embedded) in the blockchain processes to exploit the properties of the latter with regard to the exchange of digital information.

    In Campaigns, when fully implemented:

    • it governs the legal transaction (the contract) between:
      • Curator and Keeper;
      • Curator and Kocai;
      • Keeper and Kocai;
      • Kocai, Curator, Keeper and any interested third parties;
    • contains the contractual terms of the legal stores;
    • automatically produces the contractual terms of legal transactions;
    • is managed by a blockchain.
  • Intervention: the design

    The owner, the Curator, chooses a work, the Good, that needs conservation work.

    Kocai creates a collection campaign, the Campaign open to all, to contribute to the cost of maintenance.

    The purpose of the Campaign is for the donor, the Keeper, to make the contribution, the Grant, in cash and obtain an NFT.

  • Intervention: the preparation

    Kocai creates a 3D digital copy of the work and divides it into Tiles, like a mosaic.

    On payment of the Grant, each Keeper gets an NFT. This contains:

    • the Tile, unique and specific to each Keeper;
    • the rights and benefits, the Benefits, that the Curator grants to the Keeper on the Tile and the work as a whole;
    • the historical and supporting documentation of the work being maintained. Kocai and the Curator plan the communication activity, coordinated, addressed to the target audience of the Keeper for the specific Good and aimed at the payment of the Grants.

    When the Campaign begins the Keeper may compete through the purchase of one or more NFTs, it may conclude:

    • with the full amount planned being reached: in which case the maintenance operation begins;
    • without reaching the planned amount of maintenance: in which case the Grants are returned to the Keeper and the NFTs cancelled by Kocai.
  • The intervention

    If the Campaign is successful, the maintenance intervention is organised, and is:

    • managed by the Curator;
    • controlled by Kocai.

    During the course of the maintenance, the Keepers will receive updates on how their contribution is helping to enhance the Good and on the transparency of the process of use of the raised funds.

  • The intervention: the conclusion

    The Good is also digitised by Kocai at the end of the conservation intervention.

    The Keepers begin to enjoy the Benefits provided on the Good by the Campaign.

    The Curators receive the data inherent in the Campaign.